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10014 E 54th St
Tulsa, OK, 74146
United States



Water Store Inc. specializes in the design and sales of the categories listed below:

IRRIGATION EQUIPMENT {Rain Bird, Toro, Irritrol Weathermatic Logos}

Water Store, Inc. is a full line distributor of irrigation components for residential, commercial and sports field projects.  We carry products from industry leading manufacturers such as Rain Bird, Toro, Weathermatic and Irritrol.  We carry both spray and rotor irrigation equipment as well as a complete line of drip and low volume irrigation.  You will find everything needed for an irrigation system including the following ancillary equipment such as:

Spears PVC Sch 40 and Sch 80 Fittings, Nipples, Swing Joint Assemblies, Valves and More

Harco PVC and Ductile Iron Fittings

Nibco Brass and Cast Iron Valves 

NDS, Rain Bird and Carson Valve Boxes and Hubble Power Backflow Preventer and Pump Enclosures

Wilkins Backflow Preventer and Pressure Reducing Valves

Regency Wire and Cable

King Innovation Waterproof Wire Connectors and Automatic Drains

PVC and Polyethylene Pipe 


Kifco is the leading provider of Water-Reels, hoses, pumps and sprinklers in the United States and Water Store, Inc. is proud to be the Kifco Water Reel distributor in Oklahoma.  Kifco Water Reels can provide irrigation solutions to most applications which include but are not limited to sports field irrigation, agricultural irrigation and dust control on construction sites and other industrial applications.  Water reels make irrigation easy since they are portable and can be moved around easily to different locations on the site.  Whether your water source is municipal water, water wells, ponds or lakes, Kifco has the right combination of pumps, sprinklers and reels to meet your application.  Please contact us so we can help you select the right Kifco Water Reel for your project.


Landscape drainage in residential and commercial projects has become of paramount importance in the preservation of building's structural integrity and landscape plantings.  Manufactures have developed an array of products that can solve most all drainage challenges.  Water Store, Inc. has a large inventory of products to assist you with your drainage solution.  Our drainage products include but are not limited to:

  • Catch Basins and Channel Sections with Plastic, Brass and Steel Grates
  • PVC and Corrugated Polyethylene Drainage Pipe both perforated and non-perforated
  • Culvert pipe - Steel "tin horns" and Corrugated Polyethylene (PE)
  • Sumps
  • Drainage Fabric and Geotextiles
  • Pumps 


Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting is one of the top three manufacturers in the United States and Water Store, Inc. is proud to be the largest distributor of Vista Lighting in Oklahoma.  Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting produces specification-grade, reliable and durable lighting solutions for  a wide range of applications.  And to top that off, their customer service is second to none.  All Vista lighting products are manufactured and assembled at the company headquarters in Simi Valley, California. Vista is a great company to do business with and they welcome customization of fixtures including colors to meet your project needs.  Water Store, Inc. stocks a wide range of Vista fixtures and transformers but we will be glad to acquire any non-stock items you might need (3 to 4 days lead time). 

Vista Professional Lighting has been a leader in the application of LED lamps and fixtures in the landscape lighting market.  Vista provides true warm color LED lamps which yields more natural, pleasing color in their complete line of path lights, down and up lighting and accent lighting.

In addition to fixtures and transformers, Water Store, Inc. stocks wire and other accessories you will need to complete your project.  Please come to one of our stores and let our experienced lighting sales personnel help you extend the beauty of your landscape project.          

PUMPS {Aermotor, Rain Bird, Watertronics,  Zoeller Logos}

Need a pump for your irrigation project?  Regardless of whether your irrigation water source is a well, pond or lake or if you are just needing to boost your pressure, we can help you.  Water Store, Inc. has pump solutions ranging from a simple 1/2 HP Aermotor or Burks convertible jet pumps to variable frequency drive (VFD) pump stations built by leading manufacturers including Rain Bird and Watertronics.  Let us know your project requirements and we will work to provide you a cost effective solution.

If your drainage solution requires you to pump excess water up and away from your project, chances are we have the pump you need.  We stock 1/3 horsepower to 2 horsepower Zoeller cast iron body pumps which can handle most landscape drainage challenges including flows from sub-surface (French) drains to large surface area runoffs.  Let us assist you with finding the right pump for your application. 

FOUNTAINS AND AERATORS {Aqua Controls Water Features Logo}

Water Store, Inc. is pleased to offer pond and lake water feature products from Aqua Control Water Features based in Illinois.  This company is focused on providing very quality products which are designed and built for specifics requirements of each project.  We have had the opportunity to sell the complete line of Aqua Control products on our customer projects and have found them to be reliable and perform as designed.  Below is a general list of their product offering:

  • Display Aerators and Fountains - 1/2 HP to 7.5 HP
  • Titan Series Fountains up to 40 HP
  • Stationary Series Fountains - 1/2 HP to 40 HP
  • Lake Bed Diffused Aeration
  • Pond Bottom Circulators
  • Shallow Pond Diffused Aeration
  • Waterfall Pump Systems and Transfer Pumps – 1HP to 40HP
  • Water Quality Products for Keeping Your Pond or Lake Clear


Water Store, Inc. offers hand tools and accessories to help you get the job done right.  Our tool list includes:

  • Wood and Fiberglass Handled Shovels, Cleanouts, Rakes, Picks and Probes
  • Wheel Barrows
  • Saws and Pipe Cutters
  • Wire Locators and Detectors
  • Multi-Meters
  • Gloves
  • Measure Tapes
  • Flags and Flagging Material
  • Hand Bilge Pumps