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Find Your Contractor

Need help selecting a contractor for your project or service needs?  Let us help you!  Whether you just need a sprinkler head adjusted or a golf course irrigation system installed, a member of our sales team will be glad to help.  We have the most experienced and knowledgeable sales staff in Oklahoma who will listen to your project requirements and gladly recommend several qualified contractors to assist you.  Below is a list of contractor categories which might be of service to you:

Irrigation Installation - Residential, Commercial, Golf Course

Irrigation Service

Drains - French and Surface Drains

Landscape Construction & Water Features (Ponds)

Landscape Lighting

Lake Aerators and Fountains

Swimming Pool

Please call one of our staff members at 918-622-3222 or email us from our "Contact Us" page on this site.   All contractors that Water Store, Inc. might recommend for a project are independently owned and operated and Water Store, Inc. has no liability or responsibility for the services that a contractor may provide or any damages or costs in any way connected with the contractor’s services.  Water Store, Inc.  does not recommend or endorse specific contractors or provide advice regarding which contractor to choose. It is important that you evaluate each contractor before choosing the contractor who is best for you and your project.  

Tips for Finding the Right Irrigation Contractor

If you are looking for a professional irrigation contractor here are some tips that will help you select the right contractor for your project.  Before a contractor can present you with a proposal, they must do  some up front work which includes coming to your property, surveying and sketching out the property and topography including planting areas, sun exposures, locating the water source, take a reading of the water pressure, and finally, visiting with you to understand your needs and what you want to accomplish with your irrigation system.  The best contractors will encourage you to ask a lot of questions so that you will know what you are going to get for the money spent and what you can expect from your new irrigation system.  Make sure you ask the contractor what type and brand of sprinklers and drip equipment that he is proposing to use and why he selected them.  Also, it is important for him to tell you how many zones (areas of sprinkler heads running together) they are proposing and the quantity of heads, drip pipe and emitters, valves and the type of controller they are going to use.  Generally speaking, the more "zones" you have, the more efficient your project is going to be irrigated.  Experience does make a big difference.  Make sure you are comfortable with the experience level of the contractor. If you are not sure, ask for the names and contact information of several recent customers.  You should always receive a written proposal that outlines everything about the irrigation system including after sale service, warranty and references.

It's not all about price and you will get what you pay for.  We should always be wary of those who offer to charge us significantly less than other contractors.  Contractors who have a significantly lower price than their competition may be cutting corners to reduce their costs. They may not be insured, they may not be installing the required backflow prevention device, spacing heads too far apart leaving dry areas or irrigating areas together that should be placed on separate zones.  Remember, the more zones put in an irrigation system usually means better water control and reduced water bills. 
Ask about what type of valve enclosures they will be using and make sure they are going to use waterproof electrical connectors.  There are a variety of ways that a contractor can reduce costs but they should not be at your expense.  The more information you obtain about what the contractor is going to provide and warranty to you, the likelier you will receive the end product you are expecting.  If you want any further explanation about what a contractor or contractors are proposing, give one of our sales people a call and we should be able to clarify it for you.